Royal Porcelain Crockery

The brilliant white colour of the Royal Porcelain dinnerware and clear cut design makes it perfect for breakfast service through to dinner catering for all menu types. The range of tableware is extensive and includes a wide selection of coupe plates, rim plates, oval platters various cuisine accessories and serve ware items.
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All Royal Porcelain table ware is microwave, oven and dishwasher proof, with the exception of some of its gold or platinum plated ware. The higher firing temperatures used in its production makes Royal Porcelain more durable than comparable products. High levels of quality control ensure that all pieces are manufactured to not only size specifications but weight tolerances as well. The porcelain body gives the dinnerware exceptional strength in a light body construction. The Royal Porcelain glaze gives the product exceptional brilliance and shine. The quality of glaze used gives the dinnerware high resistance to stains and discolouration as well as prevents cuts and scratches.

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